Hey, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes? You Need to Go. Here Are 8 Reasons Why.

This man does not inspire confidence in me.

  • This man does not inspire confidence in me.

Nobody’s perfect, right?

Especially our elected officials.

And yet, we keep putting the same ones back in office! Year after year, term after term, we almost always re-elect the incumbent, no matter their flaws. Brooklyn DA Charles “Joe” Hynes has been in place since 1989 and is the perfect example of why voter apathy needs to end.

If it were up to us, Hynes would leave today. In disgrace. He is a disgrace. But at the very least, we hope he loses big if he decides to run for re-election next year. Really big.

So that you can understand why, we’ve put together a list of some of the worst scandals of Hynes’s tenure as Brooklyn DA.


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