A Scentual Dinner with Brooklyn’s MCMC Fragrances


We’ve heard of dinners inspired by movies, books, and art, but how about a dinner where each course is inspired by a fragrance? That’s what Tessa Liebman, chef and founder of the dinner series “Methods and Madness” has done with the scents created by Brooklyn-based MCMC Fragrances. The intimate dinner event took place last week at Jo’s in the Lower East Side, and featured four courses and cocktails with palate cleansers and homemade saltwater taffy along the way, each inspired by a difference scent in MCMC’s fragrance line, which can be found in Brooklyn boutiques such as Bird.

“I was inspired to work with a perfume maker next, I love fragrances and think they are such a visceral sense provoker,” said Liebman, a Brooklyn-born chef and graduate of the French Culinary Institute. Since launching the special dinner series last November, she has held dinners inspired by a local illustrator and a font designer, in different settings around the city. “I have always been surrounded by artists and makers and thought that our processes were very similar. I loved seeing their workspaces, tools and processes (their “methods”) and learned so much when asking them about their inspirations and ideas (their “madness”).”


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