Luna Park Employees Caught Filling Ride With Water From a Fire Hydrant


  • Will Bredderman/Community Newspaper group

Luna Park workers have been caught stealing water from the city to fill up their log flume ride, Brooklyn Daily reports. How’d they pull it off? By rigging up a hose to a nearby fire hydrant, of course.


When shown pictures of the offending hose, park representatives refused to comment other than to confirm that Luna Park “maintains good standing with paying all its water utilities.”

Which isn’t super relevant if the question is about water you’re stealing from the city, but you know, semantics.

For their part, FDNY officials point out that, aside from possible fines and jail time, stealing water from hydrants may not be a good idea in case, say, a fire breaks out and there’s not enough city water left over to put it out. Maybe a little like the 1944 fire that destroyed the original Luna Park. Remember that one? Probably not, but it was a doozy.

Renegade carnies, consider yourselves warned.


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