10 Other Celebrities Who Secretly Loved Brooklyn and Wanted to Have Its Babies


So now that I know that Marilyn Monroe loved Brooklyn and wanted to retire here and spend time walking around and admiring the views of Manhattan and whatever else it was that people did in Brooklyn in the 1950s (stickball, I guess) I couldn’t help but wonder what other icons wanted to live in Brooklyn.

Who else was just dying to answer the siren call of Brooklyn’s streets?

Who else couldn’t wait to spend their golden years “walking around”???

If I had to speculate—and I do have to speculate, because none of them ever said anything like this—I’d start with these people.


  1. Yikes, this isn’t even a real list? Just horribly unfunny, cliche Brooklyn references? How did you get paid to write this ?

  2. Is this post supposed to be The L Magazine making fun of its own banality? If so, I give you points for self-criticism. The only thing I can imagine is that you staff members were sitting around the office and someone said, “Let’s take these banal, obnoxious Brooklyn-based lists that we know people click on and write one so idiotic that we’ll collect the ISPs of the people who click on it and then later use it for a list called “The L Magazine Online Readers Most Easily Fooled Into Reading Our Purest Dreck.”

    Otherwise someone there needs to take a vacation. Or enter a hospital, quick.


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