Brooklyn Man Kidnapped and Tortured Woman; Neighbors Descibe Him As “Friendly,” “Stylish”


It’s always the friendly, stylish guys, isn’t it?

The New York Times reports that police arrived at the Bed-Stuy home of 31-year-old Anthony Matthews on Wednesday to arrest him for attempted murder. Police say that Matthews held a 26-year-old woman against her will in his apartment for over a month, beating and torturing her throughout this imprisonment.

Police went to the Woodhull Medical Center on Wednesday in response to a 911 call regarding the woman, who had arrived at the hospital Tuesday with life-threatening injuries. She remains there, in intensive care, and police say that Mr. Matthews “tied her up, burned her with an iron and a heated screwdriver, and broke several of her teeth by shoving a gun in her mouth.”

Mr. Matthews tried to run from the police but officers that were stationed on nearby roofs spotted him and prevented Matthews’ escape. Community members were in shock at the arrest of the “friendly, stylish local fixture who often grilled outside and chatted with neighbors.” The Times reported that a woman who lived in the basement apartment below Matthews was “distraught” and said, “As a woman, I’m trying to process what happened.”

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