Brooklyn Street Collapses Into Giant Sinkhole; Possible Gateway to Hell?


Short answer: no.

A 20-foot deep and 20-foot wide sinkhole opened up on 79th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues in Bay Ridge last night. Although there were several cars parked along the street, none fell into the hole and there were no injuries reported.

NY1 reports that eyewitness Maggie Flood said, “It was like Jenga, had anything moved the car would have been in the hole, so it was teetering.”

We don’t think Maggie Flood has ever played Jenga.

The sinkhole does not appear to be a gateway to hell or a tunnel to China, which, by the way, is that a thing kids try to dig to anymore? Or do kids just have a better understanding of both geography and geology now? Anyway. NY1 says that “officials with the Department of Environmental Protection say it happened after a sewer main broke 20 feet below the ground.” However, this is the second major sinkhole to open up in Bay Ridge this summer. The other one was 60-feet long! So, we think this might be a case of Mother Nature telling us that she hates Bay Ridge.

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