Mo’ Ferrets, Mo’ Problems

Its not a tumor. Its a ferret.

  • It’s not a tumor. It’s a ferret.

FACT: Ferrets are not weasels.

This concludes all the hard facts that I know about ferrets. But I can also give you some opinions on them. Namely, ferrets cause problems. Just ask Kempe Hope, a former caseworker at the city’s Human Resources Adminstration. A ferret got him fired.

Ferrets! You musky minxes!

Well, in fairness to the ferret in question, the New York Times reports that “the caseworker, Kempe Hope, exploited his position by soliciting a paid ferret-sitting session from a person whose benefits he was overseeing, the board found.”

So, really, it’s not the ferret’s fault.

Ferret advocates—oh, they’re out there!—like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who co-starred with a ferret in the classic film Kindergarten Cop, and David Guthartz, who is the executive president of the New York Ferret’s Rights Advocacy, love the animals and just think they are misunderstood.

Ferret opponents, like former mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani (does the “W” stand for weasel? is that the root of this problem???) think that people who have affection for these rodents are “deranged.”

Where do we come down on this issue?

We’ll put it this way. If it’s a good enough pet for Detective John KImball, then it’s good enough for us.

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