Uh-Oh, City Bike Share Might Be Delayed Until Spring 2013

Who doesnt want to ride a bike that looks like a bank?

  • Who doesn’t want to ride a bike that looks like a bank?

The already stalled bike share program might be delayed even longer.

A couple of weeks after announcing that the bike share program—which was originally scheduled to start today—would be delayed because of software issues, the New York Post reports that the Citibike program might not even be launched until next spring. Next spring is really far away for those of us who have a difficult time even thinking about weekend plans on a Tuesday.

Despite the software problems, Citibike had hoped to start its program, which will involve 10,000 bicycles at 600 stations, this August, but had not released a definite new launch date. Now it appears that it might not happen at all this summer.

Although the NYC Department of Transportation is overseeing the bike share program, it is not being funded by government money, rather it is being completely paid for by private funds. So, no need to get annoyed about where all your hard-earned taxes are going! Just get annoyed that there aren’t extra bikes to ride around!

Just get annoyed about something. It’s fun. Humor and rage are a winning combination.

The Post reports that the software issues are still causing problems and that rather than launch the program in October or November, Alta, the company running the program, might just wait to launch in the spring.

Which…we don’t really care about? Because, as Gothamist reported back in May, a four hour trip can run you $86.95!

Yeah. That’s a lot of money to ride around on an advertisement for Citibank.

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