Where the Kids Are Doing It in Brooklyn These Days


Doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it well.

He represents Queens, but she was raised out in Brooklyn.

“He” was LL Cool J and “she” was basically the luckiest girl alive in 1996.

Hey Brooklyn!

Guess what? It’s not 1996 anymore, but kids are still doing it. In fact, the Brooklyn Daily reports on exactly where kids are doing it these days. They’re doing it in Midwood! On a tiny little street called Olean Street, to be exact. Neighbors tell the Brooklyn Daily that kids “pick Olean Street for their trysts because few houses on the block face the street — meaning the two-block-long stretch between E. 22nd and E. 24th streets is about as private as a public street can get.”

But, wait! I JUST READ that kids are having sex behind the IKEA in Red Hook! And, wait again! What happened to Gregory Place in Park Slope? I thought THAT’S where all the teens were having sex? Are you trying to tell me that teenagers are having sex in more than one place?

Are teenagers having sex in ALL the places?

Yes, I think they are.

You know why?

Because they represent Brooklyn.

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