The 10 Best Vintage Shops In Brooklyn


No, we’re not about to try and convince you that New York has some of the best thrifting in the country. But while you might not come across designer gold marked down to $1, the borough more than delivers if you’re looking for a cheap cheer-me-up shirt or a Mad Men-style splurge of a dress. We’ve got resale shops, consignment stores, vintage Meccas, and even a few expertly curated virtual spaces. This list reflects that range of spots—and the fact that the vintage spectrum is as wide as the decades it covers—and the only two rules we followed while coming up with it was no temporary spaces (like The Flea) and no chains (you don’t need us reminding you that it’s impossible to leave Beacon’s Closet without a bag full of stuff). Read on to see what made the cut.


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