Booze News: Cee Lo Has a Sake Brand? And Bloomberg Wants You To Drink Less

Ignoring the fact that it tastes like hell, gives you a brutal hangover, and I personally have yet to meet a single person who drinks it by choice, The New York Post reports today that sake is the hot new drink, in the club.

Cee-Lo and a couple of DJ’s are behind it, so it must be true.

“It’s different little shots,” enthused a DJ at Midtown club Pacha. “You can have it in the [DJ] booth.” The real authority here, though, is Cee Lo Green, who unbeknownst to us recently became a co-owner of sake company TY KU.

“I want to get involved to help pioneer this trend nationwide,” says Green. “It’s an unconventional [drink], and I’m an unconventional guy.” A spokesperson for the company added, “There is also a sophistication factor in ordering sake. It shows culture and worldliness.”

Even if all of this is true, we still have to confront the fact that sake is awful. Seriously, I’d rather drink straight, room-temperature Georgi. Regardless, this might all be moot soon, as the Post also reports that Bloomberg’s next big Nanny State Initiative will be aimed at one of New York’s most beloved pastimes: binge drinking.

Reportedly, the city’s annual health survey of New Yorkers will include a new bout of questions aimed at the drinking habits of young people, which some see as an indicator of a coming booze crackdown, the likes of which has not been seen since the great Sugary Drink Ban of like a month ago. For the time being, the city’s not saying.

“We routinely conduct surveys about important health issues to learn more about them, and underage and excessive drinking are serious health issues,” was all a Health Department spokesperson would say.

Clearly, the time has come to leave work and start stockpiling. Anything but sake, please.


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