The New York Times Publishes Handy Directions to Williamsburg


Want to take part in the authentic “très Brooklyn” experience but are nervous about crossing the dark, legendary East River and/or getting lost? Don’t even worry, The New York Times has your back!

Along with an article about the Wythe Hotel and Wythe Avenue as a whole (spoiler: both très hot right now), the Times wrote up a helpful guide on various ways to make your way to Williamsburg’s trendiest new street with tips like “a cab from Manhattan is about $20 to $25, depending on your departure spot.”

Was that so hard? Now you, too have all the tools you need to make the formerly unimaginable trek. Join us! No, really. JOIN. US.

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  1. Not only that, but this article (tellingly titled “All Roads (sic) Lead to Wythe Avenue”) quotes a West Village club owner as saying “It’s still a relatively expensive cab ride or a LONG TRAIN RIDE to get to that specific part of Williamsburg from the city (sic)…”. Long train ride? Five stops on the L!…which would take him practically door to door from the Jane Hotel to the Wythe Hotel! There is so much idiocy in this article one scarcely knows where to start. There should be a moratorium on articles in The Times about Williamsburg. They are causing us mental anguish and bringing too many unsavory people to our neighborhood.


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