Get This Bag: Mer Bags and Baggu’s Limited Edition Tote


If the thought of a J.Crew opening up on hallowed (Brooklyn) ground gets your anti-corporatist blood boiling, take a walk down North 3rd Street for a reminder that local creativity does still exist. Today marks the launch of a limited edition, handmade-in-Brooklyn tote that’s the love child of Bushwick’s Mer Bags and Williamsburg’s Baggu. The two accessories brands used Baggu’s popular “Duck” design as inspiration, employing 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester in five different colorways (ranging from shiny black to electric yellow to translucent cobalt blue). They’re weatherproof, they’re rugged, but they’re also really cool—and judging by the limited quantities (just 50 total) they probably won’t last very long in-store.

$82 each, available at Baggu’s summer pop-up shop, 242 Wythe Avenue, No. 4.


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