Seven-Year-Old Girl Falls Three Stories Into the Arms of a Total Hero


  • Gabriella Bass/New York Post
  • Hero!

This could have ended so, so badly.

A seven-year-old girl plummeted to the ground from a third-story window yesterday but was saved from injury by a heroic MTA bus driver who caught her in the nick of time.

The New York Post reports that Steven St. Bernard was coming home after his MTA shift when a group of children who lived in the same apartment complex begged him to help, yelling, “A little girl! A little girl!”

Mr. St. Bernard said, “I saw a little girl standing on the air conditioner. I said to myself, let me just get over there in time.”

Luckily for everyone involved, Mr. St. Bernard not only got over there in time, but caught the little girl as she jumped off the air conditioner and fell to the ground. The little girl, who is reported to be autistic, suffered only minor injuries, while Mr. St. Bernard has a torn tendon in his left bicep. He says it is “a small price for saving a life.”

WNYC has video posted of this incredible rescue. And you should all watch it because when all that’s in the news lately are stories of toddlers getting shot or a three-year-old’s mugging, it’s nice to see a young life being saved, and lifted up.


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