Women of Brooklyn: Your Bike May Be Causing You Sexual Dysfunction

This is no time to be smiling!

  • This is no time to be smiling!

Not to panic anyone, but if you’re a woman and you regularly ride a bike, you may, just may be causing yourself sexual dysfunction and ruining your life. Not to worry, though, the problem is totally fixable.

According to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it all hinges on the position of handlebars. The study’s author offered this terrifying explanation: “Modifying bicycle set-up may help prevent genital nerve damage in female cyclists. Chronic insult to the genital nerves from increased saddle pressures could potentially result in sexual dysfunction.”

Specifically, handlebars that are placed lower than the seat of a bike seemed to increase pressure on the genitals, eventually decreasing ability to feel sensations. There, is that detailed enough?

Now excuse me while I go and gloat to all my friends who’ve been telling me to just “give it a try around the neighborhood to get comfortable with it.” Please. At this point, I would sooner rollerblade.


  1. This article reminds me of all the hand-wringing over the notion that bicycling was somehow *inherently* responsible for erectile dysfunction in men. As someone who has been an active cyclist for most of my adult life, I’ve long regarded this as a crock, largely based on personal experience. The funny thing is that I’m hardly alone on this:


    I think the basic take-away, regardless of gender, is yo have your bike set up sensibly for the way you actually ride (as opposed to what your wannabe-racer pals think is cool), and in most instances you’ll be fine. Oh, about strapping on some ‘blades for a go in the park: don’t forget your wrist guards. Otherwise you might find your keyboard rather worthless to sit in front of.


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