Prospect Park “Ghost Dog” Adjusting Well to Shelter Life


Last month, we brought you the story of Prospect Park’s “Ghost Dog,” the wild mastiff who roamed the park for years in a set routine: “Around 5 am, Ghost Dog wandered to the Vanderbilt Street Playground, where he was fed by various park-goers accustomed to his visits…. Around 8 am, he walked to the dog beach, where he lingered just outside the metal fence. He barked until people, mostly dog-owners, tossed scraps over the fence for him. He spent much of the rest of the day lounging in the Nethermead, careful never to be touched, but playing with other dogs. At 5pm, he headed to the Quaker cemetery and there, he kept careful watch as the horses paraded by… He slept in the hollowed trunk of a fallen tree, a tree he hollowed and that bore his claw marks.”

Animal rescuer Sean Casey captured the Ghost Dog in May, and since has been rehabilitating him, readying him for eventual adoption. The dog’s Lyme disease treatment is complete, and he should undergo knee surgery soon, the Windsor Terrace-Kensington Patch reports. He wags his tail and gets excited when the staff approaches him. He likes being inside, where he feels secure. He still needs some training and some medical treatment before anyone can adopt him, but Casey is confident that everything is going to turn out fine. “In the end, his story is going to be happy,” he told the Patch.

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