A Tour of the American Apparel Factory

We love LA fashion blogger Taghrid. Her blog—featuring photos of herself in poppy and unpredictably well-assembled outfits (shout-out to the sequined dress and red tights getup)—is addictive. She balances dress-code anarchy with put-a-cardigan-on-it casualness that feels straight out of a John Hughes movie. Needless to say, we want to wear what she’s wearing.

She also works at this little place you may have heard of, American Apparel. No need to contextualize the landscape of controversy that surrounds the company, but we were still curious to see what goes on inside their flagship factory, so we jumped at the chance for a tour from Taghrid.

Along the way we saw their healthcare clinic, visited the small department of shoe cobblers, oohed at their reclaimed vintage department and creative departments, and altogether marveled at what goes on in the production of neon skinny pants and two-toned silk button ups.

Taghrid also works hard at her job, staying late to produce the art content used in the campaigns used on the website and in the ads on the back covers of our own L Magazine. Spacey marketing materials are found scattered throughout each floor: 80s Vogues special-ordered through Ebay, wall-sized grid paper, and quirkily applied Helvetica—it’s clear this company knows its niche. Take a look, see for yourself…


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