Feltraiger’s Summer Collection Fulfills Your Deer Hunter Fantasies


The Feltraiger story goes something like this: When Daniel and Jon Feldman’s family arrived at Ellis Island in the early 1900s they decided that their name—Feltraiger—was just too Russian. Fast-forward a hundred years and while the brothers still go by their Americanized surname, their clothing label doesn’t.

Their flagship store sits where many Eastern European immigrants once landed (that would be the Lower East Side), but the Feldman boys are Brooklyn through and through, working and living in the borough. If their designs—which Brooklyn Magazine art director Crystal Gwyn once described as, “If Brooklyn Circus’s prep school students dropped out to join Sons of Anarchy”—look familiar, that’s because it was David Cross rocking a few of their pieces in our spring issue.

Today marks the launch of Feltraiger’s summer collection, and if you like the description above but wish there was a dash of The Deer Hunter to it, you’ve found your match. Think camo vests with mesh pockets, army green cargo shorts, and striped, sleeveless shirting. Wait until next week and you can order it all online; otherwise, you’ll have to hop onto the F train and make a Manhattan run to get your hands on it before the weekend.


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