Brooklyn Heights Residents Freak Out About Hot Dog Cart


Confusing a hot dog cart with a methadone clinic, a literal circus, or an imposing drunk carrying a knife and a boombox that runs on D batteries, Brooklyn Heights residents flipped the fuck out when a dude slinging frankfurters set up shop on Montague Street on Saturday morning. They flooded police with phone calls, and the cops ultimately arrived and ticketed the vendor, who left, Gothamist reports. Lest their actions not speak loudly enough, residents took to the Brooklyn Heights Blog to complain in the comments section. “Disgusting food, served by disgusting people to disgusting people,” wrote one. This kind of rhetoric continues, and is insane:

“This is a lot of bull. I have worked very hard to be able to afford to live on Montague Terrace and I do not need a hot dog vendor outside my window so he can make a few bucks,” wrote another. “When and if this slob comes back I will have him ejected—again by the NYPD he has no legal permit and he never will.”

“What next? A big top? Circus animals? Clowns? Cotton Candy? What I would like to know is who authorized this? Why now? Is there no peace for neighborhood residents who work long, hard hours? Imagine sitting in your living room on the weekend and having the smell of hot dogs, etc. wafting through your windows as you try to read a book or the newspaper,” wrote another.

“Ours is a quiet residential neighborhood. This is not the place to live for people looking for ‘street life.’ Residential streets are not zoned for commerce. With its lovely tree-lined streets, this historic landmarked district is desirable for [the] peace and quiet and respite it offers from the noise, crowds, commerce, and filth of the city. Does anyone really believe that an historic neighborhood with houses valued at $3-12 million dollars is the place for street vendors and a carnival atmosphere?” wrote another.

Over the last several months, Bay Ridge has been divided over whether a halal cart on Fifth Avenue should be allowed to exist. You overhear talk about it in the bars all the time; brother has been pitted against brother. Something about food sold outside from a vehicle with wheels makes people totally lose their shit.

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  1. fuck those people. so up tight. i live near the area, and although it does seem a little upsetting, people these days complain about that but can’t complain about other things.


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