A Brooklyn-Made Bracelet To Go With Your Peaking Lights Album


Posters and T-shirts are typically the extent to which you can pledge your allegiance to a band. (We’re also fans of the beer koozie, which is oddly all too rare in the world of rock’n’roll.) But for a band like Wisconsin’s Peaking Lights—whose dub-pop reaches new heights of on their third full-length, Lucifer—their approach to music is anything but typical (it’s not every day you describe a band as psych-meets-synth-meets-reggae, as Pitchfork recently did), so why should their merch be?

Instead, they’ve teamed up with Brooklyn jewelry design duo Peppercotton on a bracelet inspired by the album artwork. From their studio in Greenpoint, RISD graduates Aurelia Cotton and Patrick Culpepper came up with a piece that’s in-line with their usual creations—Swarovski crystals encased in mesh tubing—but with a color palette (think sky blue and cool white) lifted from Lucifer.

Yes, you can now match your bracelet with your favorite album. Consider it an upgrade from the good ol’ concert wristband. The only downside? You’ll have to head to Manhattan to buy it.




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