Brooklyn’s New Republican State Senator’s First Act? Repeal Marriage Equality


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After a hard-fought race, involving months of lawsuits and hand recounts, Republican David Storobin was announced weeks ago as the winner of the special election to fill disgraced Carl Kruger’s seat in the state senate. His first order of business? Repealing marriage equality. Storobin has proposed a bill, less than two weeks into his term, that would undo the right of gays to wed in New York State, Sheepshead Bites reports.

“‘The New York State Defense of Marriage Act’ will acknowledge marriage as being the bedrock of our civil society and defined as being between one man and one woman,” the bill reads. “The government has thrust upon the people of this state a definition of marriage that violates their religious and personal moral beliefs. This bill intends to reinstate the true definition of marriage by repealing the state’s definition of marriage as being between two persons and specifying that it be between one man and one woman.”

The bill has zero chance of passing, but that’s probably fine by Storobin—the move looks more like political posturing than an honest attempt at legislating. “With redistricting set to eliminate his district, Storobin will be running in the so-called ‘Super Jewish’ district, where his latest bill would likely play well—if his opponent, Democrat Simcha Felder, did not also oppose it,” Sheepshead Bites reports. It’s a race to the bottom in southern Brooklyn! “It’s surprising that he would want to start off his career on the wrong side of history,” one gay-rights advocate told the Brooklyn Paper.

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