Brooklyn’s 10 Most Stylish Neighborhoods

Photo Kirstin Roby

Every issue, Brooklyn Magazine turns its critical eye on the many neighborhoods that make up this glorious borough. But while the rankings are always quite on-point, taking real estate developments, cultural events, and crime into account, they don’t look into the most important question of all: What is everyone wearing? The more we thought about it, the more obvious it became—we needed a style-based power rankings of the neighborhoods as well.

Making note of everything from residents’ fashion bona fides to boutiques per capita, our very unscientific formula yielded the following results. Don’t be upset if your ‘hood didn’t top the list—just try to dress a little bit better in the future.


  1. This is a very silly story — because how many more neighborhoods are there — like make 5 more — so those other neighborhoods, not listed here might not be very stylish, but maybe there are actually more stylish because you didn’t brand them on this list.

    What is style anyway? Maybe you can define this better than listing some cool stores and restaurants — like by diveristy?

  2. There are tons of neighborhoods in Brooklyn, but BMag doesn’t cover most of them. Just the expensive, gentrified — excuse me, “cutting-edge,” “cultured,” ones… At least call it what it is, don’t purport to speak for what is most of Brooklyn – further east and south, where most NY transplants have never even been unless on their way to the airport.

  3. Fox & Fawn in Greenpoint has some amazing pieces. Yesterday, Beverly, the owner showed me a piece she was about to put on the floor. An original, hand stiched, hand dyed, feathered cap from Christian Dior. It was in good enough shape to be sold into an archive, but she was pricing it at $40, with the hopes that someone with style would keep it and wear it well.
    Treasure trove.

  4. You KNOW where the author lives, don’t you? Billyburg is still dumpy. But it is becoming more pretentious every day. Is that stylish?

  5. @ConsideredLobster

    South Brooklyn is the old-fashioned term for what some might call “BoCoCa,” though it stretches down into Gowanus and Red Hook.

    Southern Brooklyn is Coney and Brighton, etc.


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