White Population Booms in Central Brooklyn


Two of the country’s five zip codes with the largest gains* in white residents over the last decade were in Brooklyn, the Bed-Stuy Patch reports. 11205, which covers Clinton Hill and parts of Fort Greene and Bed-Stuy, went from being almost one-fifth white in 2000 to almost one-half white in 2010, the third largest percentage-point jump in America. Right behind it is 11206, which covers much of southeast Williamsburg, as well as parts of Bushwick and Bed-Stuy; it had a similarly sized jump, to 45.6 percent white in 2010 from 16.6 percent white in 2000—an increase of almost 275 percent.

Two other Brooklyn neighborhoods appear in the top 25: 11238, which covers Prospect Heights and parts of Clinton Hill; and 11237, which covers Bushwick. (Some Manhattan neighborhoods appear in the top 50: Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights, and Harlem.)

The editor of the Bed-Stuy Patch took to her streets to ask residents about the neighborhood’s changes, and everybody seemed, if a little anxious about rising rents, ok with having new neighbors and more diversity.

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*N.B. this data is ranked by change in percentage points, though to be more accurate, the zip codes should be ranked by change in actual percentage.



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