Ditmas Park Cyclists Want More Bike Lanes


Cycling advocates in Ditmas Park are hard at work building up the bike culture there. Last month, two local pedalers got 15 businesses to join Transportation Alternative’s Bike Friendly Business Campaign, which includes those shops and restaurants on a bike-friendly list of businesses; in exchange, the businesses pledge to educate their delivery people on the local cycling laws, the Brooklyn Paper reports.

Advocates are also asking the city to install bikes lanes on more streets. Though Ocean Parkway and Bedford Avenue have them, cyclists would like to see lanes added on Dorchester, Westminster and Stratford roads, too. Those streets have been marked for lanes by the department of transportation, though no plans are yet in motion to build them.

Many business owners support the idea of new bike lanes, because they would provide one more way for people to travel to the neighborhood and spend money. Others tell the paper that we need more bicyclist education—quit salmoning!—before we get more bike lanes.

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