Park Slope Motorist Beats Up Bicyclist

This is a generic image of road rage, featuring a Park Slope-y looking guy

A Park Slope driver got out of his car last week and beat up a bicyclist, the Park Slope Patch reports. The bike rider said the 54-year-old almost hit him when the driver cut him off in the bike lane on 7th Street, near Fifth Avenue; he “tapped the car,” the website reports, “to alert the driver that he was too close.” That’s when the driver put the car in park, got out, and started punching the cyclist’s face, head, and body; when the cyclist fell to the ground, the motorist continued to hit him. It took two people to pull the driver off, at which point he got back in his car and drove away.

The cut, bruised, and nose-bloodied bicyclist was treated on the scene by EMTs, but refused to go to the hospital. Police arrested the driver later.

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