Look Up! There Be A NASA Space Shuttle Round These Parts

Courtesy NBC News

Seriously, stick your nose to the window. The original Enterprise space shuttle prototype is set to land at JFK at 11:30am, but not before soaring by the Statue of Liberty and “other New York City landmarks,” according to MSNBC. It’s all part of the procession that will bring the NASA space shuttle to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum located at Pier 86 in Manhattan, and not before the shuttle is put on display for the month of June on a barge on the Hudson River. Today’s flight will also be accompanied by a NASA C-9 Pathfinder plane and two training jets to capture images of the shuttle piggybacking on top of a Boeing 747. It’s really kind of cute, in an R2D2 kind of way.

If you’re not near a window (dang, that’s terrible), check out live coverage of the Enterprise arriving in the city on CNN here.




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