Bushwick Portraits

Photos Axel Dupeux

“in 2005, I came to spend a few months in New York and ended up in Bushwick, mainly because it was cheap. At the time, the neighborhood was getting a lot of bad press; cabs wouldn’t drive you there and it was a rough place, but it became a comfort zone for me. A couple of years later, when i decided to relocate to new york permanently, I came back to Bushwick almost naturally.

I noticed that the area had changed very fast and I was seeing a lot of different people with very interesting faces in the street or on the train, but it was always a bit difficult to approach them and explain what i wanted to do and schedule a time for them to come by. So last summer, since work was slow, I decided to set up a small studio directly in the street and capture the people passing by.”

Jay Colbert

Axel Dupeux

Chen Vin

Ethan Cote

Graciela Arus

Jesse Smiley

Kerk Higgins