From Orthodontics to Jewelry

Under the name Lady Grey, Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader have been designing jewelry since 2007 out of a studio in East Williamsburg for celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, and MGMT. “We can tell others so much about ourselves just by the jewelry we choose to wear,” Martinelli tells us. “Throughout history, we have defined our social status, interests, and religious affiliations by what we choose to ornament our bodies with.” When someone chooses to ornament their body with Lady Grey designs, they opt for angular and unusual geometric shapes, usually made from metal. “As teenagers, we both worked in orthodontics and dentistry and that is where the ‘metal seed’ was planted,” Martinelli explains. “The techniques and tools involved in those fields are very similar to those of a jeweler, so metalsmithing came very naturally for both of us.

Photo Greg Vore


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