Seafood On The Gowanus Coast

Inspired by beach- and roadside seafood shacks in New England and beyond—like Bigelow’s in Rockville Center—Andy Curtin and Aaron Lefkove opened Littleneck near the banks of the Gowanus, where they serve coastal favorites like lobster rolls alongside mainland mainstays like burgers and beer. All of which, the website boasts, are locally sourced. (“Scout’s honor,” the website adds, “we promise not to get any of it out of the nearby Gowanus Canal.”) “We had always tried to duplicate the same type of foods ourselves at backyard BBQs,” Lefkove told us. “And one day we were standing over a grill and really started talking about it seriously… until it got to a point where it stopped being like ‘we should do this’ and started to be like ‘Ok, so it looks like we actually are doing this.’”

Photo Joe Hume


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