A Beautiful Skateboard Magazine: 43

We’re pretty obviously biased here, but we salivate at the prospect of elegantly conceived, beautifully photographed print magazines… So it is with great interest and no small amount of optimism that we introduce you to Allen Ying, a skater/designer living in Williamsburg who’s decided to launch an absolutely stunning magazine devoted to skate photography, using vegetable-based inks on 100 percent post-consumer waste paper. In a genre that too often relies on dudebro sports photography cliches, Ying’s record sleeve-sized 43 Magazine is a gorgeously put-together publication (well, it’s still just a prototype) that deserves an audience as outsized as its format. As of this writing, Ying was nearing a Kickstarter goal that would allow him to print an initial 8,000 copies of 43 Mag and distribute it to skate shops across America. Says Ying of why he started the project: “There’s a huge void for something different, and it’s really about time someone did something about it, especially in the US where skateboarding has grown and changed so much. Skateboarding deserves better, and 43 aims to inspire some changes.” Oh, and the name? A “43” is a frontside no-comply. Which is a skateboarding trick.

Photo Allen Ying


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