Green Care: Sprout Wellness

Skin care products are usually made of goop combined with dozens of chemicals whose names are so long they look like German nouns. But the radical philosophy behind this Brooklyn company’s cooked-in-Greenpoint creams, lotions, balms and exfoliants is that caring for your epidermis can be done with pantry-grade ingredients, like honey (huh?) or oats (wha?). “I want Sprout Wellness to do for skincare what all these other great Brooklyn brands have done for food,” Grigore told us recently.
“The concerns that motivate them—environmental, ethical, economic—also drive my brand. I’m looking to create a company that embodies the same DIY, natural, hyperlocal ethic that makes Brooklyn so great.” So yes, the ingredients are all organic, local or fair trade. Because those crazy chemicals aren’t just bad for you—they’re bad for your planet.


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