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If you want to stay relevant to readers, “go challenge Wall Street.” Such was Mayor Bill de Blasio's advice for reporters and publishers on Friday afternoon. Gently ribbing his interviewer Ben Smith, editor-in-chief of BuzzFeedNews, for a particular brand of journalism more interested in clicks than coverage, de Blasio made his pitch to the media elite gathered at The William Vale for the Northside Report event: “theres' no reason why can't be substantive...
  We all know men's tears are good for drinking, but what if we utilized them for greater needs? Like keeping this town running? Really makes you think. Follow Matt Lubchansky on Twitter, visit his Patreon page here, or check out his store here.
Here is a very complete list of stuff white people don't like: Mayor Bill de Blasio
This week, Mayor de Blasio debuted a new program, called NYC Safe, that will identify, treat, and regularly follow up with New Yorkers who have both histories of mental illness and histories of violence. The initiative, which will cost the city $22 million a year, is part of a larger effort to reform how the city cares for the mental health of its residents. Its debut comes on the heels of a number of violent acts...