The Best Old Movies on a Big Screen This Week: NYC Repertory Cinema Picks, April 13-19

karla-germany 66

Karla (1965)
Directed by Herrmann Zschoche
Banned until after reunification, East German film Karla stands tall amongst a slew of films made by a generation who came of age after WWII, searching for identity amongst a radically changing political temperature. Karla is a model teacher, part of a “new breed” from Berlin sent to villages outside the city to “teach people to think.” Honesty is her policy, but she soon finds herself tangled in a nasty web of bureaucracy steeped in contraceptive thought. Karla’s utter assertion to present her students with reality, and ultimately her rejection, is a sobering account of generational complexity, the struggle to break free from entrenched conformity. Samuel T. Adams (April 13, 7pm at MoMA’s “Germany 66”)


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