All the Pretty Things: The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide


‘Tis the season for men to start dressing, like, really, really well and so to better honor of the well-dressed dude in your life during the holiday season, here’s some stuff to buy that’s sure to impress him and everyone who sees him.


Jungmaven Navy Sweatshirt $84
This simple, wear-with-anything staple is the kind of thing that will be reached for constantly; and when it is, the recipient will be thinking of—and thanking—you. Plus, it’s made of sustainable textiles, so it’s not just practical, it’s also ethical. Win-win.

Fine Chino Twill Tailored Jacket $449
Not your typical blazer, thanks to the combo of autumnal colors, this jacket is unorthodox enough to be appreciated by the kind of guy who can best be described as someone who thinks November is the greatest month.

Red Wool Fingerless Gloves $14
His hands can stay warm and he can still use his smartphone. Win-win.

Brick Red Pima Hat $78
Look, he can get a cheap ski hat on the street for himself whenever he wants, but one this nice? That’s up to you to do for him.

Outlined Floral Neck Tie $70
Sure, giving a tie seems vaguely reminiscent of Father’s Day gifts from when you were a kid, but that’s because this tie didn’t exist in the early 90s. This tie is cool. Get this tie.

Soft Oxford Scarf in Yellow $58
Brighten up someone’s day… nah, brighten up his whole damned winter with this vibrant yellow scarf.

Brit Circle Shirt $175
No guy needs another gingham shirt, so do something out of the ordinary and get this outside-of-the-norm button-down which, thanks to its muted color palette, still manages to match everything.

Leisure Life NYC Luxe Duffle $800
Simply put, this bag is the single most gorgeous overnight duffle we’ve ever seen. It’s the definition of luxury and something of a splurge, but it’s also totally worth it and a good incentive to get someone to go on a weekend trip with you.

Classic High Navy by Svensson $380
These sneakers are timeless, and pretty much guaranteed to please whomever is lucky enough to receive them.

Saturdays Surf NYC Bowery
Fireworks Sweatshirt $100
Boom! This is a great sweatshirt with a slouchy, but trim fit. Get it for anyone who likes luxe leisurewear. (Everyone at this point, right?)

Arlo Overcoat Black Melton Wool $580
Don’t you want to be the one responsible for someone being both warm and highly stylish this year? Sure, you do. This coat gets both those jobs done very, very well.

Toby Mustard Yellow Tee $440
Turtlenecks—including, if not especially, mock ones—are super hot this year. This condiment-colored one with three-quarter sleeves is one of our favorites.

Epaulet Thorpe Varsity Jacket $495
Yet another piece representative of the luxury athletic-wear trend, this jacket will take anyone back to their high school glory years, whether they actually had them or not.

Raf Simons Washed Denim Jeans Shirt $575
The perfect denim shirt for any guy (or girl, really; this shirt is for everyone), but particularly cool if you give it to someone with the initials RS, because who doesn’t like monograms? Even if they weren’t initially intended for you.



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