From House to Home: Four Brooklyn Design Stores Pick Their Favorite Items For The Home


A&G Merch

111 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg

Lady On Fire Pillow, $89; Bullhead, $299; Myrtle Ave Sofa, $1,799; Red Toile Speakers, $479; Old-Fashioned Glass Set, $59

What distinguishes A&G from other Brooklyn home-goods stores?
A&G Merch is about unique pieces and unique customers. We strive to make sure that when our customer puts an A&G Merch piece in their home, it represents our customer’s sense of style, not ours. No one wants their furniture to scream out the name of the store where it was purchased.The items carried by A&G Merch are of limited quantity and new items are brought in every day. You will not find our products in other stores — Brooklyn or the city. Each visit to A&G Merch will show you items you have not seen before, even on back-to-back days. A&G Merch upholstery is made in the USA with hundreds of high-quality fabrics available. Our sales people are very knowledgable about all our upholstery styles. We work very closely with our customers to choose the pieces that are perfect for them. No high-stress sales tactics. We encourage our customers to take their time choosing the best piece for their home, and we support our customers well past the point of delivery. You do not stop being an important A&G Merch customer once your item is in your home.

What trends are you seeing for home design in Brooklyn?
We don’t do trends, we do awesome.

Describe an A&G customer.
Independent thinkers with a desire to create an interesting, comfortable home.


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