Street Legal: Five Brooklyn Style Stars in Their Natural Environment

Photo by Kenneth Bachor
Photo by Kenneth Bachor

Lisa Dengler, Just Another Fashion BlogMuch of personal style blogging is inspired by a love of design or photography, which has a certain way of inspiring envy of those doing the blogging. Case in point: Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog, who seems to spend her time sipping coffee in Swedish cafés, watching Thai sunsets, and receiving floral arrangements from fashion houses. We couldn’t possibly hold it against her, though—she’s having too much fun doing it.

Born in:
I was born just outside of Munich but raised in Toronto.

Lives in:


On what led her to a career in fashion:
A slightly complicated chain of events that started from my love of photography, then graphic design, then architecture, and then eventually fashion. Who knows what will come next!

Favorite piece of clothing she owns:
I have collected three 3.1 Phillip Lim bags, and I love them all so much. Though shoes tend to make an outfit, I gravitate towards bags as an investment piece since they last longer.

The best fashion advice she’s ever received:
Never say never. Don’t write anything off for being too uncool or unstylish since in a few years, a designer will come along and make it cool again. So those Birkenstocks I had from when I was a teenager? Look how handy they’ve become.

Favorite neighborhood:
Dumbo has a lot of really cool buildings, has a beautiful view of Manhattan, and is great for shooting. Plus, it’s not as crowded as Williamsburg nowadays.

On what she expects to see in Brooklyn this fall:
I think all the Brooklynites are going to be really excited about robe coats and oversized coats in general.

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