Love What You Do: 9 Professionals Tell Us About the Path to Their Dream Jobs

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Soraya Darabi; Co-founder of Zady

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A journalist. Namely, Diane Sawyer.  I had the opportunity to have lunch with her once and was too shy to tell her as much.What was your path to being an entrepreneur?I interned for Sony Music and the Washington Post in college, and through those jobs fell in love with digital… everything. Then I moved to New York to work for big media companies in digital marketing, before risking it all to jump into startup-land. I’ve never looked back, though those big media brands are still some of my favorite brands in the world.

Do you like your job?
I love my job and my job is who I am.  At Zady we believe in work-life integration.

What are the hardest parts?
Finding time to breathe, not taking work with you to sleep.

What are the most rewarding aspects?
The most rewarding aspect of co-building Zady is building a brand with a soul and a mission. We are proponents of the slow fashion revolution, a return to timeless style and an emphasis on process, quality and honesty.  It’s nice to work with people who share your same vision and mission too.

If you could be anything else, what would it be?
I’d be a Zady intern, they have the coolest jobs in the world.



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