Ask the Experts: How to Blow 100 Bucks in Brooklyn


Rony Elka Vardi
Owner of Catbird
(Jewelry and Gift Store, Williamsburg)

shit people buy4

I could spend $100 at our neighbor, The Bedford Cheese Shop, in about two seconds. I’d get a pound of some of my favorite cheeses (Manchego Oveja Negra ($32/lb.), Essex St. Comte ($33/lb.), plus a bunch of Green Castelvetrano Olives ($7.50/lb.), Frankie’s Olive Oil ($42), anchovies ($4) (sorry everyone!), and Anarchy in a Jar Strawberry Balsamic Jam ($7.50). Then maybe I would invite people over to share. Maybe.

shit people buy5

And if I were going to go spend $100 at my own store, I would get two 14k-gold Threadbare Rings ($44 each), one for me and one for my sister. And my favorite candle in the world: Tarot Deck ($12 for travel size).


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