Ask the Experts: How to Blow 100 Bucks in Brooklyn

Photo: Driely S.

Max and Bethany Vogel
Owners of Wolves Within
(Boutique, Greenpoint)

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Bicycle Bells at Silk Road Cycles
We would take our $100 straight to Silk Road Cycles, a great bicycle store on Franklin Street just down the road from our boutique. The people there are incredibly friendly, which can be rare for bike shops in New York. Brendan and the team at Silk Road are always happy to take the time to explain things that might be over a lot of our heads—like gear ratios and materials—and offer great practical advice about getting bikes safe for the road.

We’d buy three metal bells for our bicycles, including our daughter Olive’s, and still have change for our bikes to be tuned. Nice weather means adventures and exploring new neighborhoods on your bike. Like all of the items in Silk Road, the bicycle bells are reasonably priced, and the staff is happy to attach them to your bike, along with adjusting your seat making sure it’s the right height for your body. Silk Road is doing much to increase the sense of community in Greenpoint, rather than just being a store focused on making a profit.

Adapted from an email with a press representative.


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