Spring Is Finally Here! Here Are 10 Ways to Celebrate

Listen to Music, Drink some Rosé, Repeat
You can fit this one to your own particular tastes, obviously, the idea is to set a specific mood. Grab your warm weather drink of choice—this 2010 rose from Red Hook Winery, maybe, or a bottle of Owney’s rum—maybe buy some Easter candy in bulk at your nearest drug store, and put on something so simple and exuberant that you can’t even stay mad if the weather dips back down to 30 degrees (which it almost certainly will). Something like the above single from Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, which I haven’t stopped listening to since a co-worker played it for me last week. The point is, do whatever you’d do on the warmest, laziest day of summer. We’re almost out of  the woods here, and the end of winter has never felt better.

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