Good Green Eats for St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is today, which means that it’s only a matter of time before we’re deluged with green beer, green bagels, and those seasonal, green-tinged “Shamrock Shakes” from McDonald’s. Shudder. Erin Go Blah.

But if Brooklyn’s unflagging obsession with kale is any indication, it’s really entirely easy to go green during the convivial, Irish holiday without OD’ing on artificial flavors and dyes. So take a cue from the naturally celebratory fava bean guacamole at Xixa or lime tarragon sorbet at Oddfellows this year, and for St. Patrick’s sake, give those Green #3-injected Dunkin’ Donuts a pass.

Colonia Verde’s Poblano Pesto Cavatelli: Recently opened by the husband-and-wife team behind Comodo in the West Village, this Latin American Fort Greene spot specializes in wood fire-cooked dishes. There’s a good amount of smoky char on the poblano peppers in the flavorful, pecan and pecorino-studded pesto, but not enough to obscure their appealing emerald hue, further emphasized by planks of toothsome, barely-cooked zucchini.
219 Dekalb Ave., (347) 689-4287

The Runner’s Chopped Salad: This isn’t your average kale salad. Yes, the impossibly trendy brassica is a major player in this Clinton Hill newcomer’s best selling dish, but it shares bowl space with a number of other green goodies, like grassy brussels sprouts leaves, snappy shredded cabbage and creamy toasted pistachios.
458-460 Myrtle Ave., (718) 643-6500

1 Knickerbocker’s Roast Celery Heart: We don’t generally groove on celery unless it’s slathered in peanut butter, but this Bushwick speakeasy wisely focuses on the most palatable part of the veggie. The floral, crunchy heart is slow-roasted until yielding, earthy and sweet, and given extra depths of flavor and texture from raw, kelly-green celery leaves, a concentrated celery sauce, braised shitake mushrooms, and fragrant thyme crumble.
1 Knickerbocker Ave., (347) 987-3751

Randolph Brooklyn’s Green Curry Mussels: While we’d normally advocate getting the burger at the Williamsburg outpost of this chic Nolita favorite (part of the proceeds go towards the New York City Coalition Against Hunger), you can make an exception for St. Paddy’s Day with a brothy bowl of the green curry-bathed mussels, flavored with coconut milk, lemongrass, pickled chilies and ginger.
104 S 4th St., (718) 599-0412

Ramona’s The Broken Mirror: We’d just as soon drink our greens — and we don’t mean hyper-colored Guinness or spinach smoothies. The sleek, bi-level cocktail den, Ramona, shakes up vibrantly hued libations like The Broken Mirror; a heady combo of absinthe, green chartreuse, mint, lime, and house-infused dandelion and burdock bitters.
113 Franklin St., (347) 227-8164

Bergen Hill’s Broccoli Soup: If you’re not exactly sated by the lovingly plated, inarguably beautiful raw fish dishes at Bergen Hill, supplement your sashimi with the silken, surprisingly hearty esplette pepper-spiked broccoli soup, bobbing with fresh chives and plump and tender cheddar gnudi.
387 Court St., (718) 858-5483

Xixa’s Fava Bean Guacamole: Gloriously green guacamole is pretty much a perfect St. Patrick’s Day foodstuff, but Xixa’s creative fava bean version works just as well, amped up with cilantro, jalapeno, cumin, and toasted peanut-lime leaf macha.
241 S 4th St., (718) 388-8860

Oddfellows Lime Tarragon Sorbet: Relatively sedate by Oddfellows standards (there’s celery sorbet if you’d rather) this tangy, herbaceous ice is essentially a lickable margarita in a sugar cone.
175 Kent Ave., (347) 599-0556


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