Cover: Brooklyn’s Food Scene Gets Its Own App


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Brooklyn’s Food Scene Gets Its Own App.


As far as first world problems, there aren’t a whole lot of moments more excruciating than reaching the end of a meal, sated, groggy, and more than a little tipsy, only to dive into the quagmire of mental math and social delicacy required to split up a check between five or six people.

It’s easy, then, to see why Cover has gained such a foothold since its launch back in October.

The app, which allows users to pay their tab, tip, and even split up the bill without ever waiting for or laying eyes on the check, has swept Manhattan’s most beloved restaurants since the fall, and launched late last month in Brooklyn, partnering with restaurants like Tørst, Luskus, Marietta, Delaney BBQ (Briskettown), Lulu + Po, Martha, and Colonia Verde (the full, ever-expanding list of participating restaurants can be found on their website). Founders Mark Egerman and Andrew Cove bill it as a kind of hybrid of Foursquare and Uber, and for the time being have aimed to work with the upper echelons of Brooklyn’s culinary scene. Egerman and Cove explain, “Cover is not a luxury experience—all restaurants care about providing good service and saving money on credit card fees. These are just the first ones – we plan to work with all Brooklyn restaurants.” Meaning, then, that for now we’ll happily use this as an excuse to test-drive Cover at Luksus (really, you don’t have to tell us twice), but if we end up being able to use Cover every time we eat out, anywhere? All the better.


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