The 5 Best Alternative Workouts in Brooklyn


Dirty Yoga: So one of the biggest problems we have with doing yoga regularly is that we have a hard time dragging ourselves to classes because we don’t always have the most open schedule in the world. And we’ve tried DVDs, but nothing’s ever really clicked, which we think is because we hate the idea of doing the same 45-minute routine all the time. Enter Dirty Yoga, which is an online service that offers all levels and types of yoga taught to you in comprehensive videos by Jess Gronholm (also the company co-founder along with Susi Rajah), who used to be in charge of the yoga program at Crunch gyms. The videos change frequently, so you won’t get bored, and there are options for people of all levels. We usually have a hard time keeping up with at-home exercising (we’re terrible at self-motivation), but Dirty Yoga has actually made it easy for us. Plus, a membership is only $20 a month, which is far cheaper than most yoga classes…and even cheaper than the cost of a Metrocard to free yoga classes!


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