Where to Buy a Christmas Tree in Brooklyn: a Neighborhood Guide


Great Deals If You Have a Car

So, you have a car! Good for you. If you don’t care about supporting local businesses (and you should—you really should—but maybe you don’t), then head over to one of these big box stores and get a good deal on a tree before tying it onto your roof and driving home like the suburbanite you so clearly want to be. No. Just kidding. Cars are great. But if you do have a car? Don’t forget to use it after Christmas to haul your tree-corpse over to one of the many sites of MulchFest 2014 (Prospect Park, Fort Greene Park, etc.) where you can say goodbye to the holidays and watch your tree get treated like a character from Fargo.

Home Depot: Many locations and easy parking make this big box retailer a no-brainer if you’ve got a car. Plus, you can get lights and a stand too! (550 Hamilton Avenue, Red Hook; 5700 Avenue U, Mill Basin; 585 Dekalb Avenue, Bed-Stuy; 2970 Cropsey Avenue, Coney Island; 579 Gateway Drive, Starrett City)

Lowes: This is a great place for a super-cheap tree, but you’ve gotta have a car to save money, because delivery is really expensive. (118 2nd Avenue, Gowanus; 5602 Avenue U, Mill Basin)


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