The 50 Funniest People In Brooklyn


Sam Grittner @SamGrittner:

Though he’s a fairly prolific standup, Grittner has built a name for himself almost solely based on Twitter, both from his personal account and the spot-on Girls parody, @TonightOnGirls, which pitches plot lines like, “Hannah goes to court just to feel guilty; Jessa learns her vagina is haunted; Adam builds a tree.” Enough said.


  1. You forgot Sara Schaefer. She is the fucking greatest. I hope this mistake haunts you for the rest of your yuppie existence.

  2. This list is way too dude-heavy! Are there really so few women in Brooklyn who count as funny enough? The article should be called “The 42 Funniest Men in Brooklyn.” And no, I don’t have a sense of humor about this.

  3. Oh, please. Catie Lazarus is sort of funny, but she’s mostly exhausting with neurotic energy, endlessly complaining about being poor – while wearing designer clothing, traveling around the country, and living on a trust fund, and acting like she’s somehow entitled to earn a living from comedy.

    • So happy Catie Lazarus is on the list! She’s hilarious comedian and writer. Nedster, however, sounds like a bitter, uninformed douche.


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