A Shopkeeper’s Guide to Brooklyn: In God We Trust’s Shana Tabor

If there’s one store that exemplifies everything we love about Brooklyn fashion, it’s In God We Trust. Owner Shana Tabor opened the first location way back in 2005 (practically eons ago in terms of New Brooklyn history) and has since expanded with a store on Bedford Avenue, another in SoHo, plus the flagship combination store/design studio in Greenpoint. Tabor is known for not onlythe beautiful and whimsical clothes and jewelry she sells but also for being an integral part of the local fashion and design community. She’s an enthusiastic supporter of other designers and shop-owners and was the obvious choice when we needed someone to give us a tour of some of the best places to shop in Brooklyn. Plus, we just really wanted to spend the day goofing around with her. She not only has a great eye—she also drives a van with vanity plates that say “BORING.”


Photos by Heather Phelps-Lipton


In God We Trust
70 Greenpoint Avenue, Greenpoint


Ad Hoc
This tiny little men’s clothing store is tucked away on a quiet stretch of Wythe Avenue and houses one of the best curated selections of menswear (including shoes, bags and other accessories) that we’ve seen in one place.

70 Greenpoint Avenue, Greenpoint



Climb the stairs to this second-floor store and find yourself in a shop that feels like a modern twist on an old-fashioned general store. Owned by brothers Emil and Sandy Corsillo, Hickoree’s has everything you could ever need: the perfect men’s tie, a locally made ceramic mug, or a pack of Big League Chew.

109 S. 6th Street 2nd Floor, Williamsburg



The Joinery
Known for both its beautiful homewares and women’s clothing, the Joinery is one of the most thoughtfully put-together stores we’ve ever set foot in. It’s the kind of place where you’re as likely to find the perfect pair of sunglasses as you are that chair for which you’ve long hunted but could never find (though you already know exactly where it would go in your apartment).

263 S. 1st Street, Williamsburg



This combination coffee house/floral shop is one example of the hybrid businesses flourishing in Brooklyn. What sets Spina apart is the high quality of both the coffee and the plants.

231 Norman Avenue, Greenpoint



Erica Weiner
This jewelry shop is a calm oasis amid a bustling stretch of Atlantic Avenue. The mixture of vintage pieces and new locally made jewelry guarantees that you’ll find whatever you’re looking for. Plus, the store features some amazing wallpaper.

360 Atlantic Avenue, Boerum Hill



Brooklyn Kitchen
This Williamsburg kitchen supply store has everything: Soda Streams, Le Creuset cookware, bulk supplies of quinoa and lentils, etc. Brooklyn Kitchen is a one-stop shop for any discerning home-chef, and it shares space with the Meat Hook, so you can get the raw ingredients for your perfect at-home meal.

100 Frost Street, Williamsburg



Goose Barnacle
This shop, owned by Brooklyn Heights native David Alperin has long been one of our favorites. You’re just as likely to leave this combination men’s store and art gallery having bought a new drawing by a local artist as you are the perfect pair of jeans.

91 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn Heights



This store is located in a gorgeous retail space; shopping here feels as much like you’re in an art gallery as a clothing store. Each piece of the beautifully selected clothes and accessories on offer is chosen to make you feel like you’re wearing a piece of art.

98 S. 4th Street, Williamsburg


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