Bands With Pans: TEEN

The Sisters Lieberson

  • The Sisters Lieberson

Lizzie slices cloves of garlic like chips. “I used to cook the garlic first but I like cooking it last,” Teeny says as she evaluates Lizzie’s technique. Teeny is a bit of a bossy big sister— but she is the band leader so really she’s just fitting the role. And love permeates each jab, nullifying any chance of nastiness.

Teeny: “If you add it in the later stage, it tends to be more flavorful ‘cuz you don’t need to cook garlic very long… there’s some people who—” she screws up her face. “DON’T LIKE GARLIC. Isn’t that fucking crazy?”
Jane: “You just cook the garlic in the wine? You don’t sautée it?”
Teeny: “I add it last-minute so it’s super flay-vuh-ful. …Sundried ‘maters are good in it. This is my favorite, the most basic. You could put black olives in it.”
Jane: “Spinach? Asparagus?”
Lizzie: “I’ve done spinach.”
Teeny: “You could put ANYTHING in it. …That’s why I like it.”

Teeny stirs the veggies and some crushed red pepper into the pasta, emptying the feta container in, too, so the cheese can get melty. Lizzie prepares the Italian loaf (Teeny: “Put a little olive oil on it.” Lizzie: “I did, asshole.” Teeny, unfazed: “Oh, OK.”) Jane assembles an off-the-record(ish) but refreshing arugula salad.


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