5 Abandoned New York Structures You’re Actually Still Allowed To Visit


  • Photo via Matthew Wills

The Coney Island Submarine
Another one where you’ll have to take the initiative yourself—as far as I know, there aren’t currently any specific tours set up to get you there. And just a walk along the banks of the Coney Island Creek is cool in its own right—in addition to the submarine, which has been abandoned in its waters and something of a local landmark since 1970, the waterway is actually littered with assorted abandoned boats (possibly even war ships, according to one intrepid diver). But in the interest of getting to see history (and majestic, rotting old structures) up close, know that nothing’s stopping you from getting in a canoe and paddling out to see things for yourself. Still safer than trespassing in an abandoned, crumbling building, and anyway, this is all more fun if there’s a little bit of risk involved, right?

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