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Last month, I introduced you thirsty readers to Justin Kennedy, one of Brooklyn’s most prolific beer-themed podcast producers. This week, I’ve got podcaster and award-winning homebrewer Robert Sherrill in the hot seat, ready to tell all about his brand new show, Brew to Share. Laid back, informative, thoughtful and often hilarious, Brew to Share celebrates the local craft beer and homebrewing community in New York City by bringing folks from all corners of the industry together over interesting discussion and, of course, great beer.
Getting out of bed on a Friday morning to go meet Jamil Rashad, better known as Boulevards, was a real challenge for me. No, not because i'm an unenthused jerk–quite the opposite. I had spent the night prior dancing and drinking plenty of Pink Babies to an undeniably groovy late night set by Jamil and his band. Worth it? Obviously. But when I bumped into Jamil on the street getting off the subway to meet him, I knew we had both had a night.
As the culmination of Cider Week NYC, Bad Seed Cider, the legendary band once described by the Appleternative Press as a "fabulously fruity force incessantly redefining the boundaries of orchard opera," released its latest album, No Seed Till Brooklyn. The new nine-song collection, which I pretended to play in its entirety several dozen times before writing this exhaustively comprehensive review, opens with "Fruit of the Loon," a hazy, psychedelic ode to the Golden Delicious cultivar...
Thanksgiving is the Voltron of national holidays, an awesomely almighty foodbeast with the head of a fat, greasy turkey and a bod most accurately described as "muscular mush," a firm physique somehow formed by the half-assed assemblage of mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and many other traditional slop-plop sides. The half-assed assemblage, I should note, explains why these sides exist in a perpetual state of ooziness, oozing from every orifice of its festive composition. Huh? This...


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