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For all you Bands with Pans lovers out there who marvel at the photography but want a little more, you know, sound and movement in your cooking content, have we got a treat for you! Shot by Gulab Singh, it follows BwP creator Beca Grimm as she shops with Sinkane, in preparation for the meal prepared at the BwP Taste Talks panel last September. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/78739467 Bands With Pans feat. Sinkane from Gulab Singh on Vimeo.
We're excited to introduce a new video series, where we visit the kitchens of some of Brooklyn's top chefs and bartenders. The inspiration behind the series is the forthcoming publication of Brooklyn Chef's Table, a cookbook by our very own food editor Sarah Zorn. The cookbook is a comprehensive (and mouth-watering!) collection of recipes from Brooklyn's best restaurants and bars. Launching this series is renowned chef Dale Talde, who has changed the culinary landscape...